Welcome to CKE – Conference Childcare You Can Count On

Increase attendance by including conference childcare at your next event!

Since 1998, CKE has been providing professional childcare programs and group babysitting services. We run programs at conferences, conventions, and gatherings across the US and internationally. We are experts in managing large groups of children, and have extensive experience with a wide variety of program types, including:

Conference Childcare for Large Events

  • Corporate conferences and trade shows: from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies
  • Military family programs: including Yellow Ribbon, Purple Ribbon, Wounded Warrior, Strong Bonds, and more
  • Special needs: we provide childcare for many special needs organizations during their national and regional conferences
  • Weddings, parties, galas, and celebrations: parents love it when kids AND sitters are included!
  • Social and religious gatherings: culturally sensitive childcare & youth programs for spiritual and social gatherings

When you include childcare at your event, you show your attendees that you prioritize family. A kid’s camp will increase attendance among parents and guardians, make life easier for your event planners, and create great memories for the kids!

Great Staff

Our programs are managed by professionals with backgrounds in education, family and social services, counseling, youth coaching, and childcare. Many of our staff have been with us for years, and are all experienced care providers or youth leaders. Everyone on our staff, including management, has been background checked. We can provide a wide variety of certifications and qualifications, as well as bilingual program staff.

The Best Program Content

Our childcare programs are generally “camp-style”, and the schedule and activities are entirely customizable. We have a wide variety of our own program themes and content, and we’ll work with you to include any educational content or recreational activities you’d like to have in your program.

Leave the planning to us!

We will provide all program materials, work with the venue to arrange appropriate childcare space, and organize any trips or excursions. And if you’d like us to manage program enrollment, we can provide you a customized online registration form parents and guardians can use to enroll their kids and provide us with important details such as health conditions or allergies.

Have a look around the site, check out the Management Team and Childcare Team Members. Learn a bit more about our kids camp themes and activities, or have a look at our Conference Childcare FAQ.

If you’re interested in exploring a childcare program for your event, you can call our Lead Planner, Mike Whittle, directly at (530) 274-2502. Or call our main office toll-free at 800-757-3580.

You can also Contact Us via email or Request an RFP.